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AI Marketing: Newest AI-Tech for Top-Class Business Campaign 2024/ai-insights/ai-marketing-newest-ai-tech-for-top-class-business-campaign-2024

AI Marketing: Newest AI-Tech for Top-Class Business Campaign 2024

January 16, 2024

AI Marketing: Newest AI-Tech for Top-Class Business Campaign 2024

Artificial intelligence is all you need to crack the human code today! You don’t believe us? Look at the staggering evolution of Artificial Intelligence has come a long way today. We started with the Sci-fi technology sticking around with Hollywood flicks; thereon spreading across the global master brains to work its magic in real life.

Today, the Global Artificial Intelligence market size settles at USD 241.80 billion; which is only projected to surge with a spark in the years to follow (Statista). With the AI Industry predictions spanning beyond 2030, it is highly expected that the world of artificial intelligence has just begun to flex. There is more to unfold!

Tractica- AI Revenue World Market 2024 Projections

Artificial Intelligence has entered the global industrial landscape, far and wide. Marketing is just one of the offshoots to make big money via popular AI tools and targeted AI marketing strategies. It is imperative to understand the guard that takes you closer to Artificial intelligence and its use cases in the manufacturing sector.

Understanding AI Marketing:

Artificial intelligence marketing harnesses the power of AI to automate decision-making processes in marketing. It involves utilizing AI tools and technologies to collect and analyze data and observe audience behavior and economic trends that impact marketing initiatives.

AI Marketing Mechanism:

AI marketing strategies work by boosting modern-day marketers to gain a comprehensive and insightful understanding of their audience.

  • AI is utilized to automate tasks such as lead generation, lead scoring, and customer retention
  • AI technologies create customer profiles based on data gathered from their purchase history and interactions
  • AI serves as a valuable tool for predictive analytics and forecasting

Popular AI Marketing Use Cases:

AI marketing comes in handy if you are thinking of amplified business growth. Sample use cases can be seen in abundance where AI is exuding immense power to the business processes and strengthening marketing strategies. Not just that, the following shall reveal the multitudinous application of this incredible technique in the field of business marketing.

  • Content generation

    Chat GPT has been a one-of-a-kind revelation that is used to enhance productivity while generating content, saving marketing teams time and money. It has enabled blog creation, marketing messages, copywriting materials, emails, subject lines, subtitles for videos, website copy, and many other tasks for targeting audiences with ease.

  • Consumer service chatbots

    AI chatbots have become commonplace technology; assisting customers while marketing online purchases. Interacting with the consumer has helped organizations to comprehend their behavior; thereby screening their journey with the company or product/service.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Artificial intelligence assists in segmenting and bifurcating audiences and customers based on criteria such as demography, interests, and traits.

  • Program-based Advertising

    New-age advertising has been automated via Artificial intelligence. Purchasing and placement of ads on websites and applications have been automated by streamlining customer history, preferences, and context to deliver relevant ads; serving higher conversion rates.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Business marketers help in increasing page rankings by developing sound strategies. It helps in creating and optimizing content to meet newer standards in marketing.

  • eCommerce

    AI has immensely helped in improving eCommerce programs and digital marketing capabilities with a nuanced understanding of consumer behavior, thereby simplifying workflows, and automating tasks.

Top AI Tools for Marketing:

Top AI Tools for Marketing

  • AI Chatbots- This computer program helps in mimicking human conversation in text or audio format.
    • Can integrate into messaging platforms, websites, and mobile apps
    • Can operate around the clock
    • Capable of handling a wide range of customer inquiries and requests
    • Can be programmed to understand natural language; enabling easy customer engagement
    • Improves efficiency by automating repetitive tasks
  • Natural Language Processing- A branch of AI that deals with the interactions between computers and human languages.
    • Allows machines to read, interpret, and generate human language
    • Helps analyze text and extract relevant information
    • Enables part-of-speech tagging and named entity
    • Used in AI chatbots, virtual assistants, and text analytics
    • Helps in gauging people’s emotions and opinions
  • Recommendation engines- An AI tool that employs algorithms and data analysis to offer personalized recommendations to consumers.
    • Suggest products or services based on past behavior, preferences, and purchase history
    • Can be applied to various industries
    • Increased consumer loyalty
    • Provides personalized experience to customers, enhancing the chances of sales
  • Predictive analytics- A powerful tool used by businesses to forecast future events and make informed decisions.
    • Can predict customer behavior, sales trends, inventory levels, and product demand
    • Enables businesses to make better investment decisions by identifying potential risks and opportunities
    • Uses historical data to make predictions and optimize performance

Benefits of using AI Tools in Marketing:

AI marketing tools leverage data and customer profiles to understand the most effective ways to engage with customers.

Benefits of using AI Tools in Marketing

  • Hyper-personalization in content, messaging, recommendations, email campaigns, and discounts
  • Faster, smarter decision-making
  • Improved Return on investment in marketing initiatives
  • Enhanced efficiency by advancing the accuracy and speed of customer targeting and identifying patterns
  • Predictive analysis for analyzing past behavior to create future trend models

Unavoidable Handicaps of AI Marketing:

  • Employee training
  • Data quality
  • User data security and privacy
  • Employee adoption of AI marketing
  • Developing best practices

AI in Marketing: Outlook


Establishing clear goals, adhering to data privacy standards, considering data quantity and sources, acquiring data science talent; and ensuring data quality are some of the high points of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing. Developing an integrated AI marketing strategy is the way to go when thinking of incorporating AI into business marketing. Hiring quality AI personnel backed with top Artificial intelligence certifications and the most futuristic AI skills is key to amplifying global business. Demand for the same is skyrocketing with every passing year. With targeted lead generation and client segmentation playing their part in furthering marketing means; businesses worldwide are sure to yield big profits.