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Frequently Asked Questions

Certification Portal:

1. I don't know my password. How do I log in?

Please reset your password here or click forget the password on the login page of myControlPanel. You will receive an email that contains a link to reset your password. Once you have a new password, you can Login from here (United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII)).

2. Can I change my password?

Yes, you can either reset your password here or click forget the password on the login page of myControlPanel. You can also change your password through your personalized myControlPanel dashboard.

3. I can't log in to the USAII website.

Please reset your password here or click forget the password on the login page of myControlPanel. If you cannot do so, please contact us at certificationhelp@usaii.org.

4. How can I change my name?

You get an option for the name change on your personalized myControlPanel dashboard. Please submit the online form along with valid documentation that supports the legal name change.

Note: Minor name changes (adding a middle abbreviation or misspelling of the name) do not require documentation.


5. What is certification?

  • Certification is the process of proving that an individual is fit for work or occupation. It is often called a certificate or credential.
  • An individual is granted certification only after passing the certification or certification process (including meeting the primary education and work experience specifications of the certification or certification body and then passing the certification exam).
  • It is a formal recognition by a third party that the individual has the key knowledge, skills, and basic level of understanding stipulated in the professional knowledge system, so she is suitable to practice excellence in the industry at a recognized and consistent level.
  • The third-party officially recognize that certification is neither a degree nor a license and usually has a limited life span.
  • Some certification bodies such as USAII often call themselves certification bodies because they have researched, tested, and implemented strict certification procedures. They will award "certificates" or certificates to individuals who meet the prescribed norms through these processes.

6. Do I still need to obtain USAII certification to improve my employability as I have already attended a training program in Data Science/ Artificial Intelligence or similar training and the training company has issued me a certificate?

  • Yes, you are strongly recommended to do so.
  • There is a difference between the certificate obtained after attending the training course and the certificate obtained after writing and passing the rigorous standardized exam of a certification body that has NOT trained you. Such examinations are considered fair and therefore more reliable.
  • A certificate issued by a well-known training organization or business school globally or nationwide has good employment value because it shows that you have received high-quality training in your area, so you must have gained something.
  • Therefore, employers value a certificate issued to you by an institution or institution that inspects you according to internationally recognized Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning standards.
  • However, the certificate issued by an international certification body that is not the training organization itself is of the most significant value to potential employers. The certificate has been awarded after you pass the exam according to international professional standards.

7. I have a university degree like Bachelor’s or Master's. Do I still need a USAII certificate for work or growth?

Yes. Certification is a direct indicator of your ability to work. On the other hand, a university degree can show your general intelligence and understanding.

  • Simply, the certification proves that you can do a particular job well, or because you already have a basic level of ability; while a university degree demonstrates that you know and understand how to do the job well or thrive in the profession, so you will need to receive some special training to be fully prepared for that particular job or area.
  • This is why getting a certification with university degree can improve your perceived employability because prospective employers can ensure that you can work steadily. This is why most college students in the world today undertake certification programs in their fields of interest.

8. How USAII Artificial Intelligence certification different from an IT/ Computer Science/ Software Programming qualification?

Since Artificial Intelligence is a special part of IT/computer science/software programming and it has its own basic rules and dynamic set:

  • Artificial Intelligence is directly related to how organizations use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, big data and data science, which directly affects the organization's current and future continuity and competitiveness, while IT/ Computer Science/ Software Programming covers all aspects of information technology and computing.
  • Therefore, your IT/computer science/software programming professional degree or diploma or certificate is just a pointer to your general understanding of computer science/software programming and the essential tools and techniques used in managing IT/computer science/software programming. However, for certain aspects, essential in IT/computer science/software programming, you do not have any expertise or specific other skills.
  • In short, the Artificial Intelligence certificate proves that you have a good understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning to effectively handle traditional IT/computer science/software programming positions in today's organizations; and your IT/computer science.

Certification and Eligibility Requirements:

9. How can I determine if I am eligible to take the exam?

Please click Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE) or Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant (CAIC) or Certified Artificial Intelligence Scientist (CAIS) to know specific certification eligibility norms. However, if you still have questions after going through the eligibility norms section, please contact us at certificationhelp@usaii.org.

10. Do I need to become eligible when I take the exam, or do I need to be eligible when I apply?

Eligibility requirements to sit for exams must be met at the time you apply for the exam.

11. Do I need work experience?

Yes, for some certifications, you may require experience. Please click Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE) or Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant (CAIC) or Certified Artificial Intelligence Scientist (CAIS) to know specific certification eligibility norms. and if you still have questions, please contact us at certificationhelp@usaii.org.

12. Which is the best certification for me?

Best certification is as per your experience and qualification(s). Please click Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE) or Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant (CAIC) or Certified Artificial Intelligence Scientist (CAIS) to know specific certification eligibility norms. However, if you still have questions, contact us at certificationhelp@usaii.org.

Application Requirements:

13. How do I apply for the certification?

  • Please visit USAII website at www.usaii.org
  • Go through the Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE) or Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant (CAIC) or Certified Artificial Intelligence Scientist (CAIS) eligibility norms to understand which certification is good for you.
  • Click APPLY NOW for the selected certification.
  • Complete the application form with your details such as name, Email ID, and other information with successful certification fee payments to get your myControlPanel dashboard.
  • You will get your eBooks, eLearning (self-paced video-based learning), eLab through your myControlPanel dashboard.
  • You can schedule your exam after 25 days of the date you paid the fee for your chosen certification. Within these 25 days, you can go through the study material and practice the lab. We encourage you to schedule you exam now for future date so that you will get your desired date and time.
  • You will also get the practice questions tab to validate your knowledge on myControlPanel.
  • You can choose any exam date starting from the 25th and ending on 200th day from the date of your certification payment.
  • Once you successfully schedule your exam, you will receive a confirmation email with the required information, which may be used for the exam, and log in to your dashboard.

14. How do I schedule my exam appointment?

Please log in to your myControlPanel and click the Schedule tab. You can choose the available date and time slot for the assessment.

15. When can I schedule my exam after payment?

You can schedule your exam after 25 days from the day of payment. USAII gives a 25-day immersion period for registrants mandatorily to help them orient entirely and build their conceptual foundations in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning. You can schedule the USAII certification exam of your choice any time after the 25-days immersion period is over. You will also get an additional 175-days to plan for and take your USAII certification exam.

16. How do I change my exam appointment?

Exam appointments may be changed three or more business days before your scheduled exam date. To change the exam appointment, please log in to myControlPanel and click the Reschedule tab. If you are less than three business days before your scheduled exam date, you may not reschedule your exam, and if you miss your exam, then you will forfeit your fees.

17. How long are the exams? How many questions?

Exams will contain knowledge and Competency-based questions:

All USAII certification exam is a multiple-choice computer-based exam and is of 100 minutes duration.
Each multiple-choice question has five choices, one or more of which is the correct answer. Applicants can answer randomly and can view or return or change the answers to previously answered questions at any time. Therefore, please ensure that the answers to each question have been properly reviewed before submitting the exam.

Certifications CAIE CAIC CAIS
No. of Questions 60 70 80
Duration(minutes) 100 100 100
Passing Percentage 70% 70% 70%
Open Book No No No

18. I am getting a message that I am not eligible for the exam while applying for certification, but I feel I am eligible. How can I proceed?

Please click Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE) or Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant (CAIC) or Certified Artificial Intelligence Scientist (CAIS) to know specific certification eligibility norms to ensure that you meet the requirements. If you are eligible and still getting the error, please try the following:

  • Logout from your certification profile.
  • Clear cookies and temporary Internet files in the web browser.
  • Log in again and try again.

Please contact us for further assistance or mail us at certificationhelp@usaii.org, if the error message still persists.

Study Kit:

19. When will I receive the study materials?

You will receive access to your study materials after 24 hours of completing your registration process (i.e. after payment for the chosen program).

20. In what format will I receive the study materials?

USAII is making several high-quality reading and reference resources available in digital formats for a wide variety of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning stakeholders. You will get handpicked materials from industry experts like CTO, Senior Data Scientist, IT Heads. Also, you will receive eBooks, eLearning (self-paced video learning) from a world-renowned publisher and eLearning provider. You will get personalized eBooks, and eLearning through myControlPanel.

21. Is the study materials chargeable?

No, the candidate does not have to pay any additional amount for the USAII Certification Preparation Kit.

Examination Cycle:

22. How long does it take to receive the certificate?

After the candidate successfully completes and submits the online test, you can see the result immediately. Successful candidates will receive a digital certificate, which can be downloaded and printed via myControlPanel.

23. Can I take my USAII certification exam using my own system?

USAII exams are completely digital/ online and real-time proctored and delivered in the private mode, keeping examinees' convenience. This means that after verifying that the computer and test room, you can take your exam through TestMe application in your personal space (such as your home or office).

**Please note that your online exam will be recorded (screen and examinee's video) to verify your exam later also. USAII has the right to cancel your certificate if something not legitimate will be found.

24. When will my USAII certification expire?

Please refer to individual certification for its renewal or upgrade details.

25. How can I get extension of my certification assessment validity?

We do understand that you may need additional time for the assessment due to your professional commitments. If you need additional time for your assessment, please reach out to us at certificationhelp@usaii.org.

Exam-Day Requirements:

26. Code of conduct policy?

USAII adopts a "zero tolerance" policy for any misconduct in its ecosystem. During the test, the test administrator (or invigilator or proctor) has the right to terminate a candidate from the test for any of the following reasons:-

  • Cause any interference during the exam.
  • Offer or get help from anyone.
  • Use digital assistants, notes, books, watch calculators, electronic dictionaries, or other auxiliary equipment/equipment. Please note that this is not an open book exam.
  • Use electronic devices, such as mobile phones.
  • Try to remove any type of scraping paper during the inspection.
  • Attempting to mess up the computer.
  • Attempt to relocate from the assigned computer/system during the inspection.
  • Try to remove question(s) during the exam.
  • Failure to follow instructions given by the test manager (or invigilator or remote proctor).
  • Share exam content with others.

Note :- Please note that USAII will take legal action against anyone who violates copyright laws (such as copying and distributing exam content or materials). The question database, exam forms, and all exam-related materials are copyrighted and are the legal property of USAII. Any oral, written, or electronic communication is strictly prohibited. Any such behavior will be punished by law.

If any candidate is found to have committed any of the above forms of misconduct, his exam will not be evaluated, and his fee will not be refunded. Also, there will be six months to retake the exam. In addition, USAII will review misconduct, which may lead to:

  • Cancel the candidate's previous or current test scores
  • Revocation of test taker's certificate

27. What IDs are accepted?

Candidates must have two valid IDs (primary ID and secondary ID) from the following list, one primary photo ID with signature and one ID with signature.

Primary ID

  • Passport
  • Driver's license
  • State/Country ID
  • Employee/School ID
  • Military ID

Secondary ID

  • Any primary ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Bank ATM card
  • Credit/Debit car

The candidate's country/region must issue all required IDs. If the candidate does not have a qualified primary ID issued from the country tested, an international travel passport and secondary ID provided by the country of nationality are required. The first name and last name used by candidates for registration must exactly match the first name and last name of the two IDs presented on the test day.

28. Can I bring electronic devices (such as mobile phones, digital watches, calculators, etc.) during the test?

No, electronic devices are not allowed during the exam. Please refer to the website for more exam details.

29. Can we take a break between exams?

There is no rule for break, and the exam must be conducted all at once.

30. When should I arrive at the test location?

USAII exams are completely digital/ online and real-time proctored and delivered in the private mode; however, it is strongly recommended that you arrive at the selected exam room/location at least 30 minutes before the scheduled exam start time to ensure that the exam room and the computer used for the exam have been thoroughly inspected, verified and approved to take the exam authorized by the designated USAII test Institutional conduct. You can familiarize yourself by taking a mock test. It is highly recommended to do this because it will help you w.r.t. systems or the Internet.

31. What are the minimum system requirements for the online exam?

System Requirements:

  • Operating System :- Windows 10 Windows 8.1 or 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) or IoS.
  • Display (Resolution) :- 1024 x 768 [Recommended]
  • Network Connection :- Wired Network [Strongly recommended for better Exam Delivery Performance].
  • Internet Connection Speed :- Minimum 1 Mbps
  • Web Browser(s) :- Latest Version of Google Chrome Only.
  • Webcam :- Internal or an External Webcam must be connected to the computer and working.
  • Firewall(s) :- Corporate Firewalls (including VPNs) often cause this Exam Delivery method to fail. Please take the Exam without Firewalls.


32. What is the passing score?

70% or higher is the passing score.

33. When can I get the results?

After submitting the online test, you can view the results immediately. You will also receive the exam results via email. If you pass the exam, you can download and print the official certificate within 72 working hours.

34. What should I do if I cannot pass the USAII certification exam?

If candidates fail the USAII certification exam, they can reappear for the exam again after paying a nominal fee of USD 149 from their myControlPanel account. Please note that candidates can apply to reappear immediately after their exam results are announced by login into myControlPanel.


35. How can I maintain my USAII certification?

A renewal is required to keep your certification valid and current. You need to renew the certificate before it expires. When you renew your certification, you will show your continued ability and commitment to your profession. USAII will send you a reminder email to renew your certificate through your myControlPanel (login with your credential to get myControlPanel) and click on the "Renew" tab.

36. When will my credentials expire?

The re-certification cycle starts when you pass the exam and ends on the last day of your certification expiry month. The following table shows the validity of USAII credentials:

Validity 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years

For more details, kindly visit www.USAII.org.

37. Will re-certification benefit me professionally?

You will get the following benefits after re-certification:

  • Re-certification can help you stay relevant in the field.
  • It can help you understand all industry updates.
  • You will get the opportunity to connect with Artificial Intelligence professionals from all over the world and share best practices, proven methodologies, etc., with them.

38. How much does it cost to recertify?

Re-certification has very nominal fee. For more information, kindly visit the renewal section of the respective certification on www.USAII.org.

39. My certificate validity has expired, but I have to renew my certification; what should I do?

Please login into myControlPanel and click the renewal tab and follow the process.

Upgrade Your Certification:

40. What is the difference between re-certification and upgrade?

A. Re-certification:
Re-certification is the process of renewing certificates. Re-certification means that you are building your knowledge, gradually growing into a professional, and increasing your experience every day. It refers to the process in which candidates who already hold the said certificates obtain the certificates again at the end of the certification validity period.

B. Upgrade:
Upgrade is the process of replacing existing certificates with better, improved, and more relevant certificates.

41. What is the right time to upgrade?

Please click Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE) or Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant (CAIC) to know the respective certification upgrade details.

42. How much does it cost to upgrade the certification?

Upgrading is the most cost-effective way to get a better, improved, and most relevant certificate. For more information, kindly visit the upgrade section of the respective certification on www.USAII.org.

Digital Badging:

43. What is a digital badge?

Digital badges are an evaluation and credentialing mechanism, which can be displayed as icons on web pages, social media platforms, or other online places. It is awarded by an institution, organization, or group to indicate achievement. The badge is designed to make learning visible and validated in formal and informal environments, and employers and colleagues can validate it.

44. How digital badges work?

Each badge has details with evidence of where, when, how, and why the badge was obtained. It is a digital certificate that earners can share on social networks, resumes, and email signatures.

  • Digital badges can be posted in multiple places or embedded in virtual media, such as LinkedIn, email signatures, or other social media materials.
  • After sharing the digital badge, you can click to display data that can verify your achievements.
  • Employers, licensing boards, and colleagues can review/validate digital badges.

45. What are its benefits?

The benefit of the USAII digital badge service is that after completing the certification and re-certification, it can effectively convey verified knowledge and expertise to employers, colleagues, and recruiters. A digital badge allows earners to access achievements 24/7 and share the latest verifiable records with anyone they choose on social networks, resumes, email signatures, and websites.

46. Do I need to pay extra for the badge?

No. You will not incur any additional costs for displaying digital badges for your certificate. Storing, managing, and broadcasting your credentials is free. We provide you with a first-class platform to display your hard-earned USAII certificates.

47. How to share my digital badge?

The function of sharing badges in digital communications, including social media, is one of the important functions of the dgBadge (USAII’s digital badge system). Each digital badge has a unique URL, which can be embedded in a website or social media channel. You will receive detailed email, how to share your digital badge.

Payments, Refunds and Discounts:

48. How and when will I get an invoice after my certification payment?

You will get your invoice immediately once the payment is realized, which can be downloaded easily from your myControlPanel.

49. How can I pay, or what are the modes of fee-payments available?

When you enter the "Payment" screen while registering for your chosen program, click "Pay Now," and the payment can be made online by debit or credit card.

Note: Company-sponsored applicants can pay online or contact USAII for electronic checks or wire transfers by writing to payments@usaii.org.

50. What is the refund policy?

Candidates who withdraw from the program/certification within 24 hours of payment get a full refund deducting USD 147 of the processing charges. For withdrawal requests beyond 24 hours, the fee paid will not be refunded.

51. If I cancel my scheduled exam, do I need to pay again?

Candidates who cancel the exam or fail an earlier attempt and want to retake the exam must pay the prescribed exam fee again. Also, if you miss the scheduled exam for any reason, your fees will be forfeited, and the refund terms will not apply here.

52. Whom to contact in case of payment failure?

We have seen most of the payment failure is from the bank side. In this case, please contact your respective customer care officer of your bank immediately for an effective resolution. You can also contact us at payments@usaii.org with all transaction details (if the amount was debited) in case of payment failure.

53. Can I pay in installments?

Yes! Payments can be made in three-part installments.

  • The total program fee is divided into three (3) part installments.
  • The first payment must be paid during your registration for the chosen program, which is 50% of the program fee.
  • The next installment, that is, 25% of the program fee must be paid within 30 days of registration.
  • The last installment of 25% must be paid within 60 days of your registration.
  • This is an INTEREST-FREE installment mode if all installments are paid within the time.
  • In case of non-payment, your access to Resource Center and myControlPanel will be disabled and an additional US $30 will be charged on every installment that gets missed.
  • No voucher code will be applicable for this payment option except the Speedster discount.

The below table is an example of payment terms considering the program fee as US $600:

1st Installment (50%) – to be made during the purchase US $300
2nd Installment (25%) – to be made within 30 days US $150
3rd Installment (25%) – to be made within 60 days US $150

If you miss your payment:

If you pay your 2nd Installment after 30 days US $150 + US $30 (additional fee) = US $180
If you pay your 3rd Installment after 60 days US $150 + US $30 (additional fee) = US $180

54. What is Speedster Discount?

Speedster Program is an initiative by USAII to quicken the pace of skill development through concessions by recognizing premier Universities/Colleges or Organizations who have a similar thought of imparting quality knowledge therefore creating a talent force equipped with the latest and relevant skills.

Please visit the Speedster Program to know more.

55. Can I use the voucher code I have even if I’m eligible for Speedster Discount?

Yes you can. With the Speedster discount you can use only one (1) voucher code which has not expired and benefit from the double-discount program.


56. What is the process of changing my name on the certificate?

If you want to change your name on the certificate, you need to write to us at support@usaii.org and attach the required supporting documents. A fee of USD 149 will be required to process your request.

57. What is the procedure for canceling the exam?

If you wish to cancel your exam, you should log in to your myControlPanel dashboard before three or more business days from your scheduled exam date. Canceling the exam will result in the forfeiture of your exam fee without recourse.

58. What if I cancel the exam for some reason, but now I want to reapply?

If the candidate voluntarily cancels the scheduled exam appointment, he/she can immediately reapply from the myControlPanel dashboard for a nominal fee of USD 149.

59. Can I reschedule the exam time?

If you wish to reschedule the exam, you must log in to your myControlPanel account 72 hours before the scheduled exam. You can reschedule the exam time without paying any additional fees. Please click here to know more about Scheduling the exam.

60. What if I miss the scheduled appointment (not showing up)?

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, if you cannot take the exam, in this case, your appointment is declared absent.

61. What emergency situations does the ban policy cover?

If you miss the scheduled exam due to urgent reasons, please feel free to contact USAII directly through certificatehelp@usaii.org . The following are acceptable reasons for missing scheduled exams:

  • You or an immediate family member* is suffering from a serious illness.
  • Death of an immediate family members.
  • You are summoned by the court.

*Immediate family members means Spouse, Children, Siblings, Parents, and Grandparents.

If you miss the exam due to any of the above reasons, you must contact USAII at certificationhelp@usaii.org. We will provide the incident number to send the necessary documents required by USAII. After submitting the required documents, the request will be thoroughly reviewed, and the candidate review committee will make a corresponding decision. You will be informed more about the results of the request. Please inform us of the documents accepted for urgent reasons:

  • If you are sick/accidental, please provide a doctor's letter on letterhead, including title, address, and phone number.
  • In case of unfortunate death, please submit a notification or death certificate from the hospital or government agency.

**Please note that the certification fee is not refundable. However, if the case is not listed in our no-show policy, an additional fee of USD 149 will be required to reapply.