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Experience the most convenient and suitable examination policies to acquire the prestigious USAII® certifications worldwide.

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Exam Process and Standards

USAII® follows strict policies to help maintain the sanctity and reliability of its internationally renowned exams and ensure that an active, healthy, objective and alternative method is used to assess applicants’ eligibility for the award of its respected identifications. The following information contains vital policy areas that candidates should be aware of.

Schedule/ Reschedule Your Examination

Once the candidates have successfully registered for the certification program, they should log in to myControlPanel and click on the ‘Exam Details button’ on the My Programs tab. You can select the available date and time period for the assessment and save the exam day. You can schedule your exam as soon as you pay your certification fee. However, by default, the exam slot will be available after 25 days of your payment. USAII® mandates a 25-day immersion time for registrants to help them orient entirely and build their conceptual foundations in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and more.. We encourage you to schedule your exam now for a future date so that you get your desired date and time. You will also get 175* days to plan for and take your USAII® certification exam. For K-12 programs, candidates will get 90 days to plan and take CAIP™ or ™CAIPa exam.

You can change your exam appointment within three or more working days before the scheduled test date. To change the exam appointment, please log in to myControlPanel and click Exam Details to view your current exam schedule, and then click on the Reschedule Your Exam button to change your exam appointment. "Reschedule" tab. If you are less than three business days before your scheduled exam date, you may not be able to reschedule your exam, and if you miss your exam, then you will forfeit your fees.

* If you need additional time due to your other professional commitments, please reach out to us at exam@usaii.org.

Reappear Policy for Examination

If the examinee is unsuccessful/ cancels or becomes a no-show in their exam, a nominal exam fee of USD 149 will be charged to reappear for their Examination. The 'Reappear' button will automatically be enabled in the myControlPanel dashboard after the result is published. Once the exam fee is paid, examinees will be awarded with extra 50 days for scheduling their exam.

Please note that this is not a one-time fee, and examinees will need to pay each time to reappear for the same exam.

IMPORTANT: The CAITL™ candidates can reappear unlimited times without any Exam Fee. However, candidates who are a No-Show for the examination must pay a nominal fee of USD 149 to reappear.

Exam Duration and Questions Details

The exams will contain the knowledge and competency-based questions; all USAII® certification exams are computer-based and multiple-choice format with a duration of 100 minutes. Each multiple-choice question has five choices, one or more of which is the correct answer. Applicants can answer randomly and can view or return or change the answers to previously answered questions at any time. Therefore, please ensure that the answers to each question have been properly reviewed before submitting the exam. Once you have submitted your answer, you cannot make any changes.

No. of Questions 60 70 80 60 45 50
Duration (minutes) 100 100 100 100 100 100
Passing Percentage 70% 70% 70% 70% 70% 70%
Open Book No No No No No No

The Policy of Examinee Behavior

USAII® will not accept any improper behavior or embracing of biased resources. During Examination, the proctor or test manager, or exam administrator will have the right to discharge an examinee from the examination session for any of the following reasons:


If any candidate is found to have committed any of the above forms of misconduct, his exam will not be evaluated, and his fee will not be refunded. In addition, there will be six months to retake the exam. Also, USAII® will review misconduct, which may lead to:

  • Cancel the candidate's previous or current test scores
  • Revocation of test taker's certificate

Note: It should be known that USAII® is legally allowed to take action against anyone who intrudes upon copyright laws such as copying and distributing exam content or resources. The questions bank, examination form, and anything related to examination have copyrights and are legal property of USAII®. Communication between examinees by any verbal, written, or electronic method against examination rules is strictly forbidden. Any such action will result in severe punishments.

Unique Assessment Theories (UAT)

The CAITL program includes exam which is optional for assessment.

The USAII® Examination Office has identified unique theories to assess its CAITL™ candidates. Categorized as the Unique Assessment Theories (UAT), there are two (2) components for the assessment:

  • Component 1:
    • Submission of AI Transformation Plan
    • OR
    • Taking the CAITL Exam (*Unlimited Free Attempts)
  • Component 2: Submission of AI transformation article

*Not applicable to candidates who are a No-Show for the examination.

Unlike any examination which assesses a candidate majorly based on theoretical perspectives (though practical learning is included), the above components of assessment will be used to judge multiple factors such as technical understanding, AI understanding, AI strategy, alignment of AI with organizational goals, resource management, etc.

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