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Many AI experts and researchers have observed and concluded, ‘we need to evolve from data-driven to AI-driven workflows’ for faster and impactful decision-making because AI can effectively use its data points much faster from an exhaustive set of data. However, it doesn’t mean that AI will take away humans' jobs; instead, more than 10 million jobs will be created in the near future. Due to COVID-19, almost 90% of leading businesses have ongoing investments in implementing AI technologies, and therefore there will be a huge impact in finding the right Artificial Intelligence talent and skills. According to our Research and Development team's recent studies, we see a surge of more than 71% increase in the global AI and Machine Learning skills in the next five years. Organizations globally are also looking for talent with the right qualification and experience as AI is still evolving.

The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII™) is committed to meet the global demands of the AI skill gap and the workforce shortage and take the responsibility of developing the right talent, potential, and abilities to be efficient and well-qualified in Artificial Intelligence.

USAII™ tests every individual on their capabilities and validates them in every possible way before providing them the needed Artificial Intelligence certification. All certification programs under USAII™ play a vital role and offer you a modest advantage toward your career growth and employment. Employers worldwide are looking for authoritative and proven evidence to prove that incumbents and candidates know enough about it.

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Programs Designed to Accelerate your AI Career Game-plan

  • Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer

    Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE)

    The Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE™) is the credential that sets you apart from your peer right from the start of your AI career. One of the highly respected and powerful credentials for any technology professional who wants to jumpstart her AI career.

    Program Benefits

    • Learn the fundamentals of AI with the all-new course curriculum that includes Robotics, NLP, Machine Learning Algorithms, Python, Deep Learning, and more
    • Get the most powerful and recognized starter credential in AI
    • A self-paced and do-it-yourself program vetted by 15+ AI SMEs in the world
    • Get your FREE personalized study books, eLearning materials, and workshops
    • Game-changer in your AI career by increasing your chances to land on your favorite job
    • Get the latest digital badge to showcase your credibility
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  • Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant

    Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant (CAIC)

    The Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant (CAIC™) is one of the most influential international certifications for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the world. This certification will help you build world-class AI/ML capabilities and orchestrate your expertise on the deployment and management of AI models in production and provide inputs on AI, ML, and Deep Learning models’ applicability. Artificial Intelligence professionals can even use their expertise in various data segments to interpret data and solve complex problems.

    Program Benefits

    • Get the most contemporary knowledge framework in AI and pick up the expert-level concepts of Reinforcement Learning, Fraud Prevention with Cloud AI, Sentimental Analytics, Advanced Robotics, AI workflows, and more
    • A self-paced and do-it-yourself program vetted by 15+ AI SMEs in the world
    • Get your FREE personalized study books, eLearning materials, and workshops
    • USAII™ certified professional has a higher probability of a raise up to 50% in the salary
    • Get the latest digital badge to showcase your credibility on social media
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  • Certified Artificial Intelligence Scientist

    Certified Artificial Intelligence Scientist (CAIS)

    The Certified Artificial Intelligence Scientist (CAIS™) is the world’s most advanced AI certification program meant for professionals who are turning themselves into business leaders or are already business leaders in AI or related domains. AI is earning a reputation for quite some time and has provided some of the best jobs of the 21st century, and has been welcoming professionals from a wide range of academic and work backgrounds. AI scientists must have the right skill-set and the latest technological know-how to manage any complex projects.

    Program Benefits

    • Become the world’s best and most renowned Artificial Intelligence Scientist by learning the Libraries and Frameworks in AI, Support Vector Machines, Deep Learning Frameworks, Advanced Convolutional Neural Networks, Computer Vision, GAN, Deep Q-Networks, and more.
    • Get the most exhaustive and FREE study books, eLearning materials, and latest workshops – more than 200+ hours of learning
    • Acquire the world-renowned and the most comprehensive credential in AI
    • Sure-fire your way to make boardroom decisions with perfect AI strategy
    • Get your sharable and state-of-the-art digital badge
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  • Certified Artificial Intelligence Prefect

    Certified Artificial Intelligence Prefect (CAIP)

    AI is growing fast and the opportunity it holds is tremendous for humankind. The AI job market today is unprecedentedly huge and is expected to reach 97 million jobs by 2026. This trend will stay beyond 2030. The Certified Artificial Intelligence Prefect (CAIP™) is the most disruptive K-12 AI certification program to turn your young child into a fundamental AI professional and help your smart one to race ahead swiftly in the future AI career. This program will enable young minds to learn AI/ML essentials, robotic fundamentals, deepfakes, technical know-how of NLP, deep learning, and automation.

    Program Benefits

    • Get the most comprehensive AI learning to strengthen the technical fundamentals of AI, Robotics, and Machine Learning
    • Acquire the most-trusted K-12 Artificial Intelligence credential
    • Get exhaustive content for a complete learning experience with FREE eBooks, videos, workshops, and practice codes – 200+ hours of learning.
    • Stand out among your peers with the best AI knowledge and a better chance to qualify for higher studies.
    • Get the latest digital badge to showcase your credibility on social media
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