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Make A Difference By Upskilling The Underprivileged In AI

Impact lives by accelerating their careers!

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Fund the industry-relevant and job-focused AI program by USAII® for the deserving underprivileged. An equal amount will be matched by USAII® to support your funding.

The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®) gives back to the society under USAII® Social Responsibility Initiative.

The Artificial Intelligence domain has a severe talent shortage – according to Gartner, more than 54% of CIOs say that one of the major barriers to AI adoption in their organization is the shortage of skilled AI workforce.

The irony is – World Economic Forum predicts 97 million AI jobs by 2025. However, the opportunities might get unexploited due to skills.

You donate $100 and USAII® will add another $100 to support.

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If you want to help us succeed in creating a world of skilled AI workforce for the future tech-era while also providing opportunities to the deserving underprivileged.

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    • USAII® will match individual fund contributions.
    • Recurring donations are welcome.
    • Donors contributing over USD 11,000 receive a complimentary lifetime membership for AI learning and recognition in the 'USAII® Hall of Fame' across communication channels.
    • Recurring funds exceeding USD 11,000 also qualify for USAII® lifetime membership and additional benefits.

How to fund the underprivileged

You can help develop a career in AI – it’s easy and simple.

  • Donate only on the USAII® website.
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  • Receive acknowledgment on every donation.

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