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8-14 Weeks

Program Duration

8-10 Hours per Week

Hours of Learning

Self-Paced with Masterclasses

Program Format


Learning Mode

The Certified AI Transformation Leader (CAITL™) certification program is an AI Excellence Program aimed at senior executives, business leaders, and C-suite professionals to power up AI transformation for business growth.

Programming skills are not required to apply for CAITL™ certification.

Program Highlights

Live Masterclass

Learn from industry veterans and influencers with two (2) live and powerful masterclasses.

Self-Paced Learning

Learn anytime, anywhere through a self-paced learning format.

Learn AI Transformation Strategy

Build strategic and industry-neutral AI knowledge for business growth.

Access to Resources

150+ hours of top content in the form of Study books, Videos, and Workshop delivered through an advanced dashboard.

Strategic Assessment

Individual assessment through unique theories of problem-solving and use-cases. Exams are optional.

Earn your Certificate

Earn the most renowned and distinguished certification from one of the best AI Certification body in the world.

Who Should Enroll

  • C-level, Senior executives, policymakers, technology leaders, and nonprofit leaders who acknowledge the importance of AI and want to responsibly harness it
  • Decision makers — Investors, Managers and above, from any industry, any size organization, and any domain such as Sales & Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, etc.
  • Consultants who want to learn about AI strategy and transformation, and gain insights into its effect on companies.
  • Ideal for those with little or no technical expertise in AI.
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Alumni Speak

Nancy Eke-Agu

Nancy Eke-Agu

ICT Projects Manager, Halifax Regional Municipality

What an exciting way to end the year! I am thrilled to share that I am now a Certified Artificial Intelligence Transformation Leader (CAITL), proudly certified by the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute!

This certification represents a major milestone on my professional journey, as well as a significant step forward in my commitment to driving innovation and transformation in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. The rigorous training and comprehensive curriculum from USAII have equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to lead AI initiatives effectively, and I am genuinely excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

Sanjay Singh

Sanjay Singh

Senior Software Architect, McKinsey & Company

I am thrilled to share that I have earned my CAITL™ certification from the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute! This marks the start of an exciting journey into the vast realms of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Digital Transformation. I'm grateful for the support of everyone who has helped me along this learning adventure. I can't wait to leverage my skills and knowledge to drive AI transformation initiatives and contribute to collective success.

Charlie Pramana

Charlie Pramana

Head of IT - Japan & Korea and Regional IT Product Manager for Modern Trade Execution - SE Asia, Reckitt

Thrilled to announce that I have successfully obtained my CAITL™ (Certified Artificial Intelligence Transformation Leader) certification from United States Artificial Intelligence Institute!

Grateful to Keith Wong and Reckitt, for providing me with the resources and opportunities to grow professionally. Their commitment to fostering a culture of learning and development has truly made this possible.

Excited to leverage my skills and knowledge to drive AI transformation initiatives and contribute to our collective success! #CAITL #AI

What Will You Learn?

  • AI essentials to build modern AI understanding from an organization’s perspective.
  • Concepts of AI transformation and its impact on product management.
  • How to align organizational goals with AI for better and faster growth.
  • Learning industry-neutral AI strategy and implementation for inter-industry and intra-industry perspectives.
  • Helping build resilient AI infrastructure to withstand security issues.
  • Overview of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, Generative AI, NLP, Cloud AI, and more.
  • Developing strong teams for managing AI transformation ecosystems.
  • Managing risks and putting IT sustainable strategy for quick response.
  • Strategize AI adoption and cost-benefit analysis for organizational growth.

Featured Real-World Use Cases

50+ latest and industry-relevant use cases from top organizations that have adopted AI.


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Resource Center

USAII® provides a modern resource center with curated study books, videos, workshops, and the latest use cases, vetted by our Artificial Intelligence Advisory Board (AIAB) comprising of global SMEs from Fortune 500 companies. Our up-to-date curriculum reflects modern AI trends.


The resource center includes USAII® Study-Book 1, Study-Book 2, and Study-Book 3 – all these e-books cover AI Transformation and relevant topics like AI Economics, Machine Learning Project Lifecycle, AI security, Managing AI teams, and more, specially designed for CAITL™ candidates.

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You’ll get to view and learn from the best e-learning program for CAITL™ certification, which includes a relevant collection of self-paced videos and workshops that will help you know the latest technological advances in AI Transformation and how to build your advanced knowledge of it.

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Program Eligibility

Three easy paths to join one of the world’s most distinguished AI programs. USAII’s CAITL™ is designed exclusively for business professionals looking to transform their businesses, companies, and careers.


Bachelor's or equivalent

Must have a Bachelor's or equivalent in any academic discipline.

At least 10 years of experience in any domain.

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CAIS™ or Equivalent

Must have completed CAIS™ or equivalent certification.

At least 8 years of experience in any domain.

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Decision-Making Roles

Must be working as Director, VP, Head of Technology, CEO, CIO, CTO, or other decision-making roles.

At least 6 years of experience in any domain.

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Our Panel of Experts

Live Masterclass with real-world use cases led by some of the tallest influencers in the AI domain.

Dr. Cindy Gordon

Dr. Cindy Gordon

CEO, Board Director, AI Innovator, AI Ethics Leader, Forbes AI Thought Leader, Professor, Author, STEM Advocate

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Dr. Milton Mattox

Dr. Milton Mattox

CEO, CTO, Author, Thought Leader, Chief Advisor, AI, Data Science, & Cybersecurity Expert

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Malay A Upadhyay

Malay A Upadhyay

Chief Growth Officer, SalesChoice Inc., Author, AI Influencer and Thought Leader, Advisor, AI Instructor

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Program Curriculum

  • Introducing AI for Business
  • Understanding Data Interpretation by Machines
  • Industrial and Household Robotics
  • Managing AI Projects

  • Ideating Products with AI
  • Identifying Market Opportunities for Products
  • Infrastructure and Tools for Developing AI Products
  • AI Product Development and Maintenance Framework
  • Commercializing AI Products with Deep Learning
  • Impact of AI Transformation on Product Management
  • Channeling Customization of AI Products

  • Life Cycle of AI Projects
  • Enterprise AI for Business
  • The AI Strategy
  • Distinctions of an AI Leader
  • Overview of Project Management in AI
  • Maturity Levels of AI

  • Industrial Applications of AI
  • Recruiting and Managing AI Teams
  • AI for Startups
  • Fraud Detection Algorithms

  • Meaning of Data Literacy
  • Understanding Diagnostic Analysis
  • Four-Pillar Model of Data Science
  • Aligning Organizational Goals with Data Strategy
  • Decision-Making Frameworks

  • The Why and How to Become Value-Driven
  • Essentials of Digital Transformation
  • Digital Transformation Laws
  • Processes of Industrial Digital Transformation
  • Transforming Organizational Culture

  • Empowering Digital Transformation with Niche Technologies
  • Theories of AI in Digital Transformation
  • The Economics of AI
  • Avoiding AI Challenges in Digital Transformation Odyssey
  • Transforming Industries with AI

  • Managing Visible and Invisible Risks
  • Factored Trust in Organizations
  • Supervising Virtual Workforce
  • Importance of Zero Trust and Risk Equation
  • Compliance Management

  • Security Knowhows for CEOs
  • Developing the Security Team
  • Importance of 90 Days
  • Introducing Cybersecurity Frameworks in Organization
  • Cybersecurity Strategic Plan and Process
  • Managing Organizational Awareness

  • Industrial Use Cases and Examples of AI Implementations

Candidate Evaluation

The CAITL program assessments do not require mandatory exams; instead, they are offered as an optional component. Nevertheless, candidates will undergo evaluation based on two essential components.

  • Component 1:
    • Submission of AI Transformation Plan
    • OR
    • Taking the CAITL Exam (*Unlimited Free Attempts)
  • Component 2: Submission of AI transformation article
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*Not applicable to candidates who are a No-Show for the examination.


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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • What will I gain with this program?
    • This program will help you acquire knowledge in strategic approaches and practices of AI adoption and transformation to scale your organization to the next level.
    • You will have functional knowledge of the essential practices and implementations of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, AI security, Generative AI, NLP, Digital Transformation, and more.
    • You can also anticipate potential downstream consequences and challenges, weighing the ethical, legal, workforce, and social implications of AI.
    • Scale your chances of making better boardroom decisions
    • Earn an esteemed credential exclusive for tech and management decision-makers
    • Get a world-class digital badge with lifelong validity
    • Click on any Apply Now button on this page
    • Create your USAII® Account and hit Submit
    • Fill in your details on the next page and apply
    • Once applied, you will be redirected to the payment page
    • Select the payment method to pay your program fee and you are done!
  • You will receive immediate access to your eBooks, and for our videos and workshops, you will receive access after 24 hours of completing your registration process (i.e. after payment for the CAITL™ program).

    • The candidate assessment includes two (2) components to evaluate CAITL™ candidates to earn the credential. The first component is the submission of a plan for AI transformation, which will be a simple AI implementation plan for your current or future organization. You can also submit this plan for your startup or products. A group of SMEs will review it and provide you feedback.
    • In case you do not want to submit this plan, you have the option to take the CAITL™ examination instead with unlimited free attempts. However, the unlimited attempts are not applicable for candidates who are a no-show for the examination. To learn more about our exam policy click here
    • The second component is the submission of an article on Artificial Intelligence. Both of these submissions are taken into consideration while evaluating you and awarding you the certification.
  • Yes! Payments can be made in three-part installments.

    • The total program fee is divided into three (3) part installments.
    • The first payment must be paid during your registration for the chosen program, which is 50% of the program fee.
    • The next installment, that is, 25% of the program fee must be paid within 3 weeks of registration.
    • The Last installment of 25% must be paid in 3 weeks of 2nd installment payment i.e. 6 weeks of initial registration.
    • This is an INTEREST-FREE installment mode if all installments are paid within the time.
    • In case of non-payment, your access to Resource Center and myControlPanel will be disabled and an additional US $30 will be charged on every installment that gets missed.
  • Candidates who withdraw from the program/certification within 24 hours of payment get a full refund deducting USD 247 of the processing charges. For withdrawal requests beyond 24 hours, the fee paid will not be refunded.