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USAII and AI-Ethics.World Strategic Alliance

July 07, 2022

USAII and AI-Ethics.World Strategic Alliance

USAII and AI Ethics.World Announce their Strategic Alliance to Promote AI Education and Close Skill Gap

A global leader in AI Ethics, AIEthics.World and the world’s leading AI (Artificial Intelligence) certification provider, the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII™), announce their strategic partnership to promote industry-focused AI education to global professionals and business leaders. 

Both organizations are widely known for their contributions to the AI industry and announced their strategic partnership today. This partnership claims to step up the innovation and education programs in  artificial intelligence.  Organizations will have access to a full suite of certified AI training programs serving from the C Suite to the developer – resulting in a holistic digital transformation experience that is currently lacking due to the ever-evolving AI technology and slower pace of adoption across organizations. AIEthics.World and USAII™ intend to develop global AI Ethics awareness, which is essential for all AI professionals. This awareness is also essential for senior professionals since they deal with organizational and technical risks more often. 

According to USAII™, the current business landscape requires AI education for both technical and non-technical professionals since the future is AI. Many organizations will be compelled to adopt AI very soon to increase market competitiveness, productivity, and growth. Therefore, skilled AI professionals are imperative in developing automation within organizations. Since AI certifications are specialized and have shorter durations, it’s easy to upskill or reskill professionals and students.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a vast domain, and its unlimited worldwide potential and impact are being uncovered through many fields of research. However, because of features such as automation, many organizations are now adopting AI in their day-to-day operations. In a recent IBM report, the Global AI Adoption Index 2022 shows more than 35% of organizations worldwide have adopted AI, which is a four-point increase from last year. Gartner predicts that the AI software market will be $62.5 billion in 2022, an increase of 21.3% from 2021. Other reports also suggest a similar pattern of increasing AI market size, which may go up to $309.6 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 39.7%. With immense potential in this industry, AI jobs are increasingly important and are predicted to reach 97 million by 2025, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). In addition, WEF’s Future of Jobs 2020, provides insight into the current skill gap in AI, which is more than 90%, indicating there is a lack of a skilled workforce across the globe.  

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the USAII and the many benefits that a full suite of educational programs will provide for the global AI ecosystem. Combining USAII certification and their rich set of AI training courses with our own AI leadership training and master classes will benefit multitudes of organizations with a trusted and holistic AI experience. Organizations can have the confidence to take their next step in digital transformation,” said Matthew James Bailey, Founder, and CEO, of AI Ethics.World. He added, “AI is growing exponentially, and to build the right moral and ethical fabric for humans and machines, organizations and their team members must have a winning formula.”

“We are enthusiastic and motivated with our new partnership with AI Ethics.World. This new agreement expands our integrations with newer modules of learning and makes it easier for our target audience to gather all AI knowledge from a single source. Our partnership will not only complement each other’s programs but also enhance our capabilities at various levels of the AI learning ecosystem,” said Dr. Milton Mattox, CEO at USAII™.

About AI Ethics.World

AIEthics.World is a recognized global leader in AI, AI Ethics, and Ethical AI, offering unicorn innovations,  solutions, master classes, courses, and training to business leaders, organizations, or governments who want to progress toward ethical practices when it comes to AI. AIEthics.World’s mission is to empower the global AI ecosystem to achieve excellence within the Age of AI, progressing civilisations into Ethical AI-enabled societies & organisations into AI-centric markets. Visit - AI Ethics.world

About USAII™

The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII™) is the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence certifications provider for aspiring professionals, business leaders, organizations, institutions, academia, or governments, looking to upskill and reskill their expertise in the ever-evolving Artificial Intelligence domain. USAII™ provides self-paced, and the most powerful Artificial Intelligence certifications designed perfectly to empower the extremely demanding skills of an Artificial Intelligence professional. Visit USAII

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