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The 15 Most Popular AI Tools In 2023

November 25, 2022

The 15 Most Popular AI Tools In 2023

Artificial Intelligence and AI-driven systems have been nowadays performing repeated and mundane tasks seamlessly.  From smart home devices, chatbots, image recognition tools, autonomous vehicles, and AI-monitored governance systems, AI is changing the way we live and work.

However, this is only the beginning of the massive changes which are yet to come. Conventionally, AI machines are programmed to think like humans with cognitive capabilities. But in practice, it undergoes complicated data processing with the logic to train them on intelligence.

This task could be daunting, and here, AI tools have come into the limelight and help young AI engineers to scale their AI careers. Let’s take a glance at the top 15 AI tools you should use to make the organization’s processes and decision-making perfect.

Best AI Tools in 2023 AI professionals should go for

According to reports, at least 83% of businesses say that AI technology is a primary element in their business strategies. Here are the most popular and power-packed AI tools that can help you plan and implement the best for business growth.

  1. Scikit-Learn
    This tool is most prominent among the ML libraries. This tool expands based on the two Python libraries, namely SciPy and NumPy. It manages many progressive calculations to perform the usual AI and data mining projects like order, relapse, bunching, etc. You can also carry out processes like data change, determination of features, and ensemble techniques with a couple of lines.
  2. TensorFlow
    TensorFlow has an interesting computational ability— when you compose a particular program in Python, then you can organize and let it run on either your GPU or CPU. It has multilayered hubs that are arranged to install, train, and share the neural systems with big datasets. It lets Google understand the questions in images or use voice-acknowledgment apps to recognize the words expressed verbally.
  3. Keras
    If you are fond of Python- a kind of executing things, Keras is the perfect tool you can have. Being the third most famous AI technology, Python bags first position in the TIOBE Index. It uses Tensorflow or Theano in the backend. Keras is a life-saver when you need an architecture to fix a problem, resolve an image recognition issue, or configure a network for result optimization. It also presents an abstract structure you can convert to any other framework for improved performance and compatibility.
  4. PyTorch
    This tool is a Facebook-powered AI system. You can access PyTorch code from GitHub. The tool has picked up a lot of energy since its inception and continues to contribute to AI-triggered solutions. The popularity that PyTorch gained has all begun within three years of its launch. Its open-source library has induced user growth of over 194% in 2019.
  5. H2O. AI
    About 50% of the Fortune 500 firms, 1 million data scientists, and customers utilize the H20 AI Cloud platform to resolve crucial business concerns and grow new ideas. H2O. AI is an open-source platform that cultivates deep learning. This business-specific AI tool lets users drive data-oriented decisions for the best insights. There are both standard H2O and Sparkling water paid versions. You can use the tools for fraud analysis, insurance analytics, predictive modeling, advertising technology, customer intelligence, and healthcare. 
  6. Google ML Kit
    Google ML Kit is the Machine learning SDK, truly built for mobile developers, and helps them to work on personalized features across both iPhone and Android. It helps developers to incorporate ML capabilities through application-based APIs in the cloud or on the device. It also offers features like barcode scanning, image labeling, text and face recognition, etc. 
  7. OpenNN
    This open-source software leverages neural networks to interpret data precisely. Being an advanced AI tool, it is capable of analyzing huge data sets and teaching models faster when compared to competitors. OpenNN presents an advanced analytical approach to help users with both beginner-friendly and expert-level analytics. It features another tool called Neural Designer– which focuses on advanced analytics that offers tables and graphs to enable data entry interpretation.
  8. Tableau
    Tableau is a popular data visualization software platform where businesses can create industry forecasts and execute business strategies. The augmented analytics and AI features of the tool help you to gain access to business insights faster. It is a great data visualization tool and builds highly interactive visualizations. It is easy to work with big datasets and it supports multiple scripting languages.
  9. Salesforce
    According to Accenture, about 84% of C-suite executives expressed that leveraging AI can help them to achieve business growth targets, and 76% say that they still don’t know how to scale it up. Salesforce is an amazing ML-integrated and cloud-enabled software platform businesses can use to manage their sales, customer service, and product development. It has an AI-triggered platform called Einstein AI, the smart assistant that provides recommendations and carries out data input automation to make decisions more business-specific.
  10. Oracle AI
    Oracle AI is a powerful AI tool designed for AI professionals, engineers, and developers. It uses Machine learning concepts to recognize customer feedback and build accurate predictive models after extracting the data. The Oracle platform retrieves the data automatically from the open-source framework to relieve developers from the task of creating software from scratch. It also delivers chatbot tools that understand customers' needs and provide the required support.
  11. Zia
    Zia from Zoho is an AI platform, cloud-integrated to let companies collect organizational data and transform customer feedback into the ideal strategy.  Its AI tools can evaluate customer sales patterns, workflow patterns, and client schedules, to assist employees so that they can improve their productivity rates and business success.
  12. SAS
    Being an AI data management tool, SAS depends on cloud-specific and open-source tools to let companies foster their growth and processes. The SAS platform can manage a range of business functions that include risk assessment, customer intelligence, business forecasting, and identity verification to let companies enjoy great control over their business processes.
  13. Tellius
    This is a Business Intelligence tool that uses AI technologies to help businesses develop a great understanding of success rates and strategies. It adopts an ideal intelligent search function that lets you manage data to be effective for employees to perceive it. Also, it helps them to visualize and analyze the factors that serve the business outcomes. You can enquire in the platform to gather insights and sort the huge data in no time.
  14. Theano
    Theano is a great neural systems library and is uniquely designed to integrate with Python. It is an AI-triggered library that the developers can leverage to build, optimize and launch code-based projects. It operates with high ML-learning capabilities and can solve bugs with the least external assistance. It has considerable speed for great learning and undertaking complex computations.
  15. Auto ML
    The automated ML Market globally is expected to hit 5406.75 million USD in 2027 from 665.63 million USD in 2021, which marks a CAGR of 42.97%, says BusinessWire. Apart from all the mentioned tools, Auto ML is one of the most powerful additions to the tools that build successful AI professionals. Auto ML library helps ML engineers to optimize the models and save time on Machine Learning projects.

Final Note

AI has become a breakthrough, with applications that help industries to resolve complex business problems. The aforementioned suite of AI-fueled tools and technologies can help businesses to automate and optimize routine tasks to improve productivity. AI Certification courses are the best ways to understand and learn using the trending AI tools that augment business processes. You can build a secure AI career with these certifications to be a great asset to the company and its processes.