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Deepfake Technology: An Overview of its Impact on Society

May 13, 2024

Deepfake Technology: An Overview of its Impact on Society

Deepfakes are simply synthetic media, videos, images, or audio, that are manipulated by using advanced AI and deep learning techniques that can seem to be highly realistic and even replace a person’s likeness in such media. In the past few years, the use of deepfake technology has increased manifolds. It offers huge opportunities in the field of filmmaking, and education, and also increases social awareness.

However, the negative applications of deepfakes are also equally on the rise. Malicious actors are using this incredible technology to create fake news and videos to manipulate public opinion, increase cyberbullying, and also encourage fake porn videos.

The content created with the help of deepfake technology can be so realistic that it is hard to distinguish between what’s fake and what’s real. Therefore, it is leading to the erosion of trust in information. However, advancements in technology are helping to develop some effective deepfake AI detection tools that can detect if videos are real or manipulated, such as Deepware Scanner, Sentinel, Fake Catcher by Intel, Microsoft’s Video Authenticator, and more.

Deepfake has both positive as well as negative consequences on the society. For students and AI Engineers looking to advance in their AI career, having in-depth knowledge of deepfake technology, its application, working, and knowledge of various deepfake tools is mandatory.

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