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CHATOPS/LMOPS: A New Era of Collaboration and Automation/ai-insights/chatops-lmops-a-new-era-of-collaboration-and-automation

CHATOPS/LMOPS: A New Era of Collaboration and Automation

September 08, 2023

CHATOPS/LMOPS: A New Era of Collaboration and Automation

The automation of workflows inside any organization and the collaboration between team members never been as easy as it is now after the introduction of ChatOps and LMOps technology. These tools have proved to be a great assistance when it comes to communication and automation of routine tasks ultimately helping to increase efficiency, productivity and collaboration.

ChatOps refers to the practice of integrating chat tools into the workflow of various teams within an organization. This helps teams to communicate easily and track the progress of tasks in real time. While LMOps refers to an AI assistance that can perform various tasks including generating texts, translating languages, and answering your questions.

Though they are quite similar in their operation and serve the same purpose of making collaboration and communication easier, and automating tasks, they come with their own strengths and weaknesses. ChatOps is more suitable for real-time collaboration whereas LMOps is suited for tasks such as generating documentation, or answering customer queries.

The integration and application of ChatOps and LMOps within an organization comes with several benefits such as:

  • Improved communication
  • Increased efficiency
  • Better collaboration
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Improved security
  • Cost saving

Now, every organization is already using or considering to use ChatOps and LMOps to enhance their team’s productivity. Therefore, it becomes quite essential to have proficiency in these tools and technologies. Institutions such as Puppet, GitHub, edX, The Linux Foundation, etc. provide certifications to equip their students with AI skills to perform their job with these tools. USAII® has brought up one of its kind guide for students aspiring to get into AI career. Learn about ChatOps and LMOps in detail in this guide.

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