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Factsheet – AI Professional’s Salary Guide 2023

Factsheet – AI Professional’s Salary Guide 2023

Artificial Intelligence has become the driving force behind all the innovations and revolutions happening in the current technology world. AI has changed the way how businesses are operated and how we live and work. And behind this transformation lies the unrecognized effort of Artificial Intelligence Professionals.

These people work hard to create a better tomorrow for us by utilizing their AI skills and receive a handsome paycheck for their contribution. If you wish to embark on an AI career then you are eligible to earn six-figure salaries for the expertise you demonstrate.

Listed below are the top AI JOBS that are highly paid:

  • Machine Learning Engineer’s average salary in the USA is US $111,000.
  • Business Intelligence Developer earns US $100,572 per annum on an average.
  • AI Engineer’s average salary range in the USA is US $114,000 to US $141,000.

With rigorous and extensive research, we present the USAII® Factsheet on the remuneration of AI professionals in the USA. This one of its kind document contains interesting facts and figures regarding the average AI salary of different AI professionals based on their job profiles, experience, and location. So, if you are looking to get into an AI career, then you must be acquainted with the various pay packages you can expect out of your job.

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