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Is Artificial Intelligence a Boon or Bane for Software Developers in 2024

January 29, 2024

Is Artificial Intelligence a Boon or Bane for Software Developers in 2024

Artificial intelligence has become the gateway to astounding opportunities in industries far and wide. The global landscape has undergone a massive shift by utilizing AI in every arena possible. The pace at which artificial intelligence is revving up processes and businesses is staggering.

As per SC Media, powerful AI will be accessible to more people in 2024. This shall make it easier for malicious actors to carry out attacks on hardware, firmware, and application software. Investopedia reveals AI will be the biggest tech investing theme for 2024. CISCO goes on to state that AI business applications, enterprise AI networks, and high-speed Ethernet technologies will become critical in 2024.

With these revelations unfolding and making a massive impact on the way businesses unravel profit; AI has arrived. As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, what does it mean for software developers and programmers? Let us take a deep dive into whether it is a threat or boon for them.

Latest Development in Artificial Intelligence:

  • Generative AI

    The generative AI applications can perform routine tasks like data reorganization and classification. They have gained attention for their ability to write text, compose music, and create digital art. Chat by Copy.ai and Adobe Firefly are among the most popular generative AI tools making processes easier for businesses of all sizes.

  • Chat GPT

    GPT 4 deepens the conversation on Duolingo. It can accept images as queries and can answer questions about an image, generate captions, and classify and analyze images. Businesses can easily transform written text into spoken words; enabling voice-over work and other applications.

  • Cobots

    The cobot market is expected to grow at a rate of around 50% over the span of five years. Online Robot component library now includes digital twins of JAKA cobots; with an advanced feature set and substantial payload capacity.

  • Crowd Sourced Data

    This is an incredible process of gathering data from a large group of people to generate insights. It is raging the global charts due to its convenience of use, economical on the pocket, and relatively fast speed.

  • Anti Fake

    Anti-fake is reportedly one of the very first systems to bar deep fakes from being produced in the first place. It is highly advanced AI technology to safeguard the reputation of popular celebrities and renowned personalities.

  • Composite AI

    Popularly understood as Multidisciplinary AI, it is a combination of different AI techniques to enhance learning efficiency and knowledge representation. It uses multiple technologies and prebuilt applications such as machine learning, statistics, data mining, forecasting, and optimization.

What are programming jobs?

Software developer, software engineer, programmer analyst, data science, mobile developer, backend web developer, and many such opportunities come under programming jobs. Simply because these involve working with programs, and various programming skills, tools, and languages; that allow designing and developing solutions to problems.

Will AI replace programming jobs?

The simplest answer would be a NO as Artificial Intelligence will not replace software engineers for the foreseeable future. However, evolution is the key. Software engineers and developers are expected to upskill and level up their skills to stand the test of time. The most suitable way out would be to enroll with the globally-trusted artificial intelligence certification programs providers in the world such as USAII®, MIT, and Harvard, among many others.

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Programming Jobs?

Yes! Artificial intelligence shall have an astounding impact on jobs of the programmers and developers. But this shall not go against them. AI will free up time for higher-level tasks to be performed effortlessly by software programmers.

AI to Programmers- Boon or Bane:

The Generative AI market has already reached the USD 45 billion mark in the previous year; that is set to reach the USD 207 billion mark in 2030 (Statista). This is a massive revelation for the years to follow. The boon is rightly evident in the way Artificial intelligence is assisting in ticking off taking care of sundries and aligning heavy-duty tasks for efficiently capable software developers and programmers.

AI is making way for high-level prodigy tasks to be dealt with by skilled professionals. Working your way up the ladder with AI prompts and popular AI tools and skills; AI in the developers’ arena is a great revelation. There are a few who fear the jobs being taken away by AI- but that is not true. AI is here to assist and not to switch seasoned AI professionals altogether.

How are programming jobs adapting to the AI revolution?

Embracing the future of programming with Artificial Intelligence is the norm ahead. Most tasks that AI performs still require human intervention and skill. Software developers are even more in demand to help companies adopt AI and integrate it into their workflows. Instead, the future of software development shall depend on the sheer ability of the professionals to harness the power of artificial intelligence technology to enhance productivity and creativity.

Final word:

Begin to believe in the power of artificial intelligence, with its innovative addition in the form of Generative AI, Chat GPT, AI prompts, and more making waves in the business scenario. Advance in the world of AI with the best offers on the go. The World Economic Forum has lavishly predicted a surge in the global AI industry to create approximately 97 million new AI jobs by 2025. Make the best-informed move today!