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AI And Blockchain Tech-map In Building Smart Cities In 2023

November 04, 2022

AI And Blockchain Tech-map In Building Smart Cities In 2023

With smart city solutions becoming a rage, the future is betting on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. 2023 is just a couple of months away and we’re talking about enabling our cities to evolve into smarter, more advanced, and tech-wired Mega Centres. Blockchain technology is the latest entrant on the block; while creating enough groundwork for a novel network family. Although, many people understand Blockchain as the popular medium initially designed for Cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Later, with improved online security and streamlined fundraising, and other payment options, Blockchain has become THE most sought-after technology among companies around the globe. 

As per the recent data gathered by BuyShares.co.NZ infers that Global spending on Blockchain Solutions is to surge by 235% and hit $14.4 billion in 2023. Other statistical data reveals the growth of Artificial Intelligence as a technology is estimated to reach the $42 billion mark by 2023. Artificial Intelligence has been a game changer with a wider share of the market being hosted by this clever invention. Isn’t that a loud invite to go all out and be the change that has arrived in its full expanse?

With the bloom of technological revolution in recent decades, it has been observed that these innovations have mastered the trick to pivot our day-to-day lives in a more comprehensible manner, making convenience a way of living. In today’s digital era, the smart city can become an intelligent society by utilizing advances in emerging technologies. A paradigm shift is experienced in the form of a smart city ecosystem through the large-scale adoption of blockchain technology. Experienced AI professionals are at it; when it comes to elevating the tech experience of the end user.

What is a Smart City?

Any city, to be tagged ‘Smart’ needs the following:

  • Efficient and sustainable management of natural resources by all citizens
  • All citizens and public institutions must be committed to the end
  • Infrastructures and institutions must be technologically compatible to offer new solutions for an easier living

Why is there a need for Blockchain and AI for smart cities?

Smart city ecosystem has their own set of challenges. Sophisticated technology is required to address any loopholes. Efficient storage, handling, and transfer of data in a smart way is the need of the hour. Blockchain provides a decentralized way to store data in the form of digital ledgers with third-party intervention. 

Incredible use-cases of Blockchain:

  • Smart payments facilitate municipal payments on a blockchain-based solution
  • Contemporary decentralized Identity management systems use blockchain to offer secured mechanisms for storing and validating user identities
  • Transportation management via blockchain will remove rent-seekers from the ridesharing economy
  • Smart energy would foster the creation of a resilient power grid
  • Government services such as smart contracts would be used to digitize citizen’s rights and identification and automate bureaucratic processes
  • Advanced AI skills for improved waste management such as Smart Bins, via IoT sensors and AI prediction modeling would be a commonplace blockchain technology

Incredible use-cases of Artificial Intelligence:

  • AI saves time and resources by calculating the best time for maintenance activities by analyzing data trends and suggesting the best-suited solutions
  • Detection of defects can take place with the help of Internet of Things devices and sensors constantly monitoring the power grid
  • It will help in understanding standard operational values and detect when conditions change
  • With an automated management system, the fluctuation in the power supply could be contained to curtail instability in the power grid
  • It would assist in swifter energy and weather consumption forecasts
  • Categorizing people by mode of transport and at what time they tend to commute can help make schedules more fluid and personalized
  • The comfort of the ride can be enhanced by utilizing onboard sensors
  • Improved traffic control, thereby reducing pollution and effective urban mobility
  • Automatic waste classification using image recognition technology is a huge AI breakthrough

Best AI certifications and Smart cities:

No doubt, it is evident that Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence have the potential to create numerous sustainable smart networks and grids, altering the way of living drastically. AI professionals are the key drivers of this advancement; which is fostered by the best AI certifications worldwide. You must be thinking, what is the connection between AI certifications and building smarter cities? The straight answer is that these credential add-ons not only help in getting you closer to your dream AI career and building a future-proof AI portfolio, but the key skills learned set you on a higher pedestal from the competitors. Smart cities are leading the shift towards enhanced technology for improving public security and overall quality of life. In a true sense, it has become a crucial component of what is needed to build lasting solutions for cities of the future.