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7 Smart Artificial Intelligence Trends to Adapt in 2023

September 20, 2022

7 Smart Artificial Intelligence Trends to Adapt in 2023

Artificial Intelligence has become an industry that is making strides in every field possible. Be it healthcare, gaming, automobile, or financial sectors of the economy, AI technology has impacted a wide range of industries. The moment you access your favorite online store for shopping for apparel or groceries, you are directed to a variety of automated suggested lists that are curated singularly based on your preferences.

Today, we are experiencing the wave of AI hitting the global economy in length and breadth of its entirety. The race to AI supremacy has led nations across the globe to explore vast opportunities for professional growth. Pandemic or no pandemic, AI professionals have shown exemplary skill application in varied industries. A recent study shows an estimation of USD 42 billion for AI worth by the year 2023. This indicates more and more AI aspirants are invited to the stream to make it big in their respective AI careers. The following trends are soon-to-be landmarks for the future AI generations to follow:

  • Chatbots becoming a commonplace smart upgrade
  • AI in IoT- The new normal
  • AI ethics- The backbone of organizations
  • Big data- Attracting huge business investments
  • Hyper Automation via clever robotics inventions
  • Increased AI education
  • Cyber security applications

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7 smart artificial intelligence trends to adapt in 2023 Infographic