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97 Million

New AI jobs by 2025

US $151K

Average Salary of AI Professional in 2024

Do you know how much an AI professional makes in the US?

AI professional 1
AI professional 2

Payscale says, the average base salary of a traditional IT professional in the US is $79,365 per year, whereas, a skilled AI professional has immense potential and opportunity to take home an average salary of whopping $151,216 per year (

Some more facts…

  • 91% of leading businesses have an on-going investment in AI – (NewVantage).

  • US $641.3 billion will be the global market size of AI by 2028 – (Fortune).

  • 97 million new AI jobs will be created by 2025 – (World Economic Forum).

  • 71% of increase is expected in next five years for AI and Machine Learning skills(Forbes).

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About the program

The USAII’s Artificial Intelligence certification programs are the most sophisticated and ground-breaking for professionals at any stage of their career. The USAII® certification programs are designed to cater four (4) perspectives:

  • Industry-relevance

  • Career-focus

  • Deliver high-impact

  • Massive return on investment

The above perspectives will help AI professionals and business leaders to develop the perfect AI solutions and strategy, bringing the right organizational change leading to an absolute business transformation.

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Program Fee: $2,149 (All Inclusive)

For senior executives, business leaders, and C-suite professionals with atleast 10 years of industry experience

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Program Fee: US $894 (All Inclusive)

For working professionals with more than 5 years of industry experience

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Program Fee: US $787 (All Inclusive)

For students having Master’s degree with limited industry experience and working professionals with more than 2 years of industry experience

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Program Fee: US $691 (All Inclusive)

For students or working professionals with limited industry experience

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Access your state-of-the-art AI learning now, pay later.

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  • Futuristic Program Content, vetted by 15+ global SMEs

  • Self-paced Program format and Instructor-led Training

  • Global recognition with cross-platform AI certification

  • Salary hike up to 50%

  • 10x Knowledge boost in AI

  • AI-proctored exam – anytime, anywhere

  • Program duration of 4 – 25 weeks only, with just 8-10 hours/week of learning

  • World-class digital badge with lifetime validity

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Who Should Apply

  • C-level: CEOs, CAIOs, CIOs, CTOs, Marketing Head, CSIO, Technology Head, Functional Head, VP, and Business leaders with an interest in AI.

  • Directors/Senior Managers/Consultants: Project Managers, Delivery Managers, Project Head, Functional Directors, Consultants and any senior professional with an interest in AI.

  • Engineers/Team Leads/Marketers: Software Engineers/Developers, Team Leads, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers and any professional with an interest in AI.

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  • Personalized Study-Books

  • Real-world workshop based eLearning

  • HD quality self-paced videos, vetted by the world’s best SMEs

  • State-of-the-art lab-based eLearning with Practice Codes

  • Sharable digital badge

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Learning Journey

  • Self-paced, online format

  • Real-world use cases and workshops

  • On-demand Program Access

  • 200+ hours of learning

Learning Journey


On completion of your certification program, you will be awarded with your certificate for the chosen program and you will also receive a world-class digital badge for lifetime. This digital badge can be showcased across various channels and platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, emails, chats, etc.

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