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Understanding Organizational Strategy and Capabilities

A four-week online course for technical professionals that will empower you with the essential skills needed to solve problems, innovate, and drive change.

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February 13, 2023
Start Date
5 Hours per Week
Time Commitment
4 weeks

What you will learn

Successful leaders are able to influence their team to accomplish shared objectives. This course will introduce you to MIT’s-honed concept of “Dynamic Work Design” which allows teams to successfully drive the mission of an organization forward.

Understand the relevance of organizational strategy and practice how to align your team, products, and efforts with it.

Prioritize products that create value for the end user.

Decompose your product systems into individual tasks, relationships, and entities to organize and conceptualize your work.

Develop new processes by utilizing the Four Principles of Dynamic Work Design.

Identify the notion of capability and its impact with implementing change.

Design knowledge work effectively by utilizing visual management.

Who Should Enroll

  • Busy, ambitious technical professionals looking to advance their soft skills and add more value to their teams and organizations.
  • Individual contributors who want to perform at their highest potential.
  • Early to mid-career managers intent on architecting successful, collaborative, and happy teams.

PROGRAM FEE: $949 / $900


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How you will learn


    Practice processes and methods through simulations, assessments, case studies, and tools.


    Connect with an international community of professionals while working on projects based on real-world examples.


    Access all of the content online and watch videos on the go.


    Bring your new skills to your organization, through examples from technical work environments and ample prompts for reflection.


    Earn a Professional Certificate and 1.25 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from MIT.


    Gain insights from leading MIT faculty and industry experts.

MIT Faculty and Instructors

Dual Certification Programs

Select any USAII™ program according to your eligibility with Understanding Organizational startegies and Capabilities and Save 10% on each program fee.

  • Understanding Organizational startegies and Capabilities

    • 4 Weeks
    • $949


    Certified Artificial Intelligence Scientist (CAIS™)

    • 4-25 Weeks
    • $894


    Certified Artificial Intelligence Consultant (CAIC™)

    • 4-25 Weeks
    • $787

    @ $1,843 / $1,700 ONLY

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    @ $1,736 / $1,600 ONLY

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