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Jump outshining with DgBadge

DgBadge makes a powerful statement about your skills.

Credentials always matter

To promote your rapid career development, professionals need ways to differentiate themselves from the competition and ultimately stand out from the crowd. It is vital to understand and appreciate the rigor, time, and energy dedicated to developing their professional expertise. Also, in today's digitally connected world, professionals can share almost everything online. Therefore, they must not only add a few letters to the name or provide a static paper certificate, but they must have verified credentials to communicate with everyone online. Therefore, the digital badge has become a vital element for people to recognize their professional expertise.

Digital badge, also known as dgBadge, is an online platform to showcase professional achievement that can be identified and recognized throughout the industry. dgBadge indicates acquired knowledge and skills, active role in the technical community, contributions to the field, outstanding performance in specific technical areas, and other personal achievements.


Key benefits of dgBadge

Authentication & Verification

Authentication and verification were never so easy. dgBadge is a 3rd party digital badge system where all badges are 100% verified and up to date. Candidates will get dgBadge, which will help employers and professionals to verify their credentials instantly. This is a verified digital certificate of the certifications, which can be immediately verified with the candidate's photographs.

24/7 access to your cloud-based portfolio

dgBadge provides a universal web-based platform to maintain detailed digital records of your achievements and professional activities.

Share and celebrate your achievements

The badge is meant to be shared and celebrated! Professionals can easily share their achievements on popular social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with colleagues, employers through dgBadge.

Key benefits